Real Techniques Nic’s Picks Review

I was so excited when I heard the Nic’s picks brushes were going to be released so I had to purchase them. Due to high demand I didn’t get them straight away but I finally got them!

The set consists of five luxurious brushes 3 of which are limited edition. The set can be purchased for £30 at Boots .
The new look silver handled brushes are perfect and compliment the brush fibers. The brushes feel really high quality and have ultra plush bristles. The set can be a great Christmas present or simply a treat to yourself!


Duo-fiber face brush
 The duo-fiber face brush is perfect for applying a light powder all over the face.  It has long bristles however they do shed a little. The brush applies powders flawlessly and is ultra soft. 


Cheek brush
The cheek brush is my favorite brush it is very dense and makes blusher and bronzer application so much more easier. The shape fits perfectly into the hollow of the cheeks,for me personally its an everyday essential.



Angled-shadow brush
The angled-shadow brush is perfect for creating definition in the crease. The brush is correctly sized and layers eye-shadow in the crease very well. This is a perfect starter eye shadow brush for beginners.


Base shadow brush
The base shadow brush precisely packs on color on to the lid for a vibrant look. The brush is very dense so will allow you to add a heavy base if necessary.


Eyeliner brush
The eyeliner brush is a set exclusive and very precisely cut. The brush can be used for applying gel eyeliner or even for filling in your eyebrows.
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